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Thin Lines Cartoons

Since November 2007, I’ve been creating a weekly cartoon panel called “Thin Lines” for Creators Syndicate / Creators News Service. Thin Lines was created to add some fun to the Health & Fitness pages of daily and weekly newspapers. It also appears in a number of online newspapers across the Internet and @ GoComics.com .

Reprints of “Thin Lines” cartoons are among the most popular cartoons on my website with clients such as Bally Total Fitness, Planet Fitness, Curves, Recycled Paper Greetings, Woman’s World Magazine, Doctor FunnyBone.com, Physicians Weekly, and many others worldwide. For reprints, please contact me for a budget-friendly rate quote.

  • If you’d like to see “Thin Lines” in your local newspaper each week, please contact the editor with your suggestion.
  • If you edit or publish a daily or weekly paper, please contact Creators Syndicate / Creators News Service for a rate quote.
  • Get “Thin Lines” sent to your e-mail each week FREE @ GoComics.com or ArcaMax Comics
  • To reprint individual diet, health and fitness cartoons, please contact me directly.
  • All “Thin Lines” cartoons are available in b/w and full color versions.

Here are a few of my personal favorites…

(Click any image to enlarge gallery.)

All cartoons copyrighted by Randy Glasbergen. Unauthorized usage of any kind is unlawful and prohibited.

Thin Lines by Randy Glasbergen. Cartoons about diet, health and fitness for newspapers, magazines, weekly publications, websites, blogs, presentations, wellness seminars and more. For a budget-friendly rate quote, please e-mail: randy@glasbergen.com

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Cartoons About Food

Food Cartoons, Cartoons About Food by Randy Glasbergen

You’ll find many cartoons about food on my website, as well as cartoons about cooking, recipes, dining, snacking and nutrition. My food cartoons have been published in Woman’s World, Good Housekeeping, First Magazine, and other magazines and newspapers around the world. They are also available at budget-friendly rates for your  newsletters, magazines, newspapers, cookbooks, presentations, nutrition seminars, any type of print or electronic media. For permission to license my food cartoons for your next project, please e-mail: randy@glasbergen.com

(Click on any image to enlarge gallery.)

The food cartoons on this site are copyrighted by Randy Glasbergen. Unauthorized usage of any kind is unlawful and prohibited.

On my website, you’ll find many cartoons about food, cartoons about breakfast, restaurant cartoons, diner cartoons, cartoons about lunch. cartoons about dinner, cartoons about eating, cartoons about feeding kids, cartoons about family meals, cartoons about vegetarians, cartoons about diabetes food, cartoons about cooking, cartoons about restaurant food, cartoons about food pyramid, cartoons about fast food, cartoons about eating food, cartoons about health food, cartoons about nutrition, cartoons about snacking, cartoons about pizza, cartoons about junk food, cartoons about convenience foods, cartoons about office food, vegetarian cartoons, cartoons for cookbooks, cartoons about seafood, cartoons about snack food, cartoons about cooking, cartoons about food recipes, cartoons about overeating, food cartoons for cookbooks, food cartoons for newsletters, food cartoons for presentations, food cartoons for newspapers. For more information or a budget-friendly rate quote, please E-mail: randy@glasbergen.com

Food Cartoons, Cartoons About Food by Randy Glasbergen.

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