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As a one-person business, I can’t afford a lot of red tape and complications. I do my best to provide speedy, efficient and personal service at budget-friendly rates for any type of business or organization. If this sounds good to you, please consider ordering a few cartoons for your social media pages, newsletters, presentations or special project. You can send your request via my contact form or e-mail: randy@glasbergen.com



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The Better Half

The Better Half is syndicated to print and online newspapers by King Features Syndicate. I’ve been writing and drawing this cartoon since 1982. It was originated by cartoonist Bob Barnes in 1957, the year I was born. After Barnes passed away, the panel was drawn by another cartoonist, and then the syndicate asked me to take over. With two small children at home to take care of, I eagerly accepted the position to bring a bit of financial stability to my family. Over the years, I have gradually evolved “The Better Half” into a panel that is uniquely my own, not an imitation of someone else’s art or ideas. Some “Better Half” cartoons are based on my own marriage…and yours!

If “The Better Half” doesn’t appear in your local newspaper, you can read it online every day @ www.dailyink.com

Here are a few samples…







“The Better Half” by Randy Glasbergen. Funny, topical cartoons about love and marriage, syndicated to newspapers by King Features Syndicate. Cartoons about marriage relationships, marriage challenges,  marriage finances, marriage stress, happy marriage, cartoons about romance and affection, cartoons about intimacy in marriage, cartoons about marriage boredom, cartoons about the challenges of living with another person, cartoons about balancing marriage and career, cartoons about aging, cartoons about middle age, cartoons about getting older, cartoons about gray hair and wrinkles, cartoons about weight gain, cartoons about mature couples.
For more information or samples, please contact King Features Syndicate. Continue reading