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Is There A Glasbergen Cartoon App?

No need to search your iPhone or Android app store to find a Glasbergen Cartoon app…you already have it! Today’s Cartoon by Randy Glasbergen is now optimized for viewing on mobile phones @

When you view my website on your mobile phone, the page automatically converts to a fully-functional app version of the site with all the same cartoons, archives and search functions of the web page…optimized to fit your smaller screen with a size and custom layout that’s perfect for viewing on your mobile phone!

The next time you visit my website on your mobile phone, please make a bookmark or screen icon to help you find new cartoons anytime, anywhere.

Today’s Cartoon by Randy Glasbergen. E-Mail:

Glasbergen Cartoons


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Thanksgiving Cartoons

Thanksgiving Cartoons by Randy Glasbergen.

Thank you for stopping by to browse my Thanksgiving cartoons! Like all my cartoons, these Thanksgiving Cartoons can be purchased for use in your newsletters, calendars, greeting cards, social media and any type of print or electronic media. Please contact me for a more information or a budget-friendly rate quote. Continue reading


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Cartoons About Employees With Disabilities

Cartoons About Workers With Disabilities by Randy Glasbergen

Recently a reader asked me why none of my cartoon characters are ever shown in a wheelchair. My simple answer was…I don’t know how to draw a wheelchair! So with the help of samples from Google Images, I learned. And then I added a new category to my website devoted to this topic. I will be adding more now and again, so please check in to see the new ones.

If you would like to use any of these cartoons in your training materials, newsletter, presentation, blog, website, Facebook or any other purpose, please contact me for a budget-friendly rate quote and more information about my services.

(Click on any image to enlarge gallery.)

The cartoons on this website are copyrighted by Randy Glasbergen. Unauthorized use of any kind is prohibited and unlawful.

On my website, you’ll find a huge searchable database of cartoons about workers with disabilities, cartoons about people who are hearing impaired, cartoons about people who are vision impaired,  cartoons about workers with special needs and many other cartoon topics for newsletters, presentations, training materials, social media and more.

Cartoons About Employees With Disabilities by Randy Glasbergen. E-mail:


New Facebook Fan Page!

Thank you to Gaurav Kale of Mumbai, India for creating a Facebook Fan Page for my cartoons!

I have agreed to let Gaurav display my cartoons and make them easy to share with friends and family on Facebook.

Please come take a look @ Cartoons


News Cartoons

News Cartoons / Cartoons About The News by Randy Glasbergen.

On my website, you’ll find a huge searchable database of cartoons on many different topics, including Cartoons About News. I enjoy doing cartoons about topics in the news, cartoons about news reporting, cartoons about cable TV news channels,  news cartoons with political satire, news cartoons about financial news, news cartoons about economic and political commentary, and more.

For permission to use any of my News Cartoons in your publication, presentation, blog or special project, please contact me for a budget friendly rate quote:

(Click on any image to enlarge gallery)

The News Cartoons on this website are copyrighted material and may not be used for any purpose without prior permission from the cartoonist.

Please visit my website again for an updated collection of News Cartoons, cartoons about journalism topics, news cartoons about TV  reporting, topical news cartoons about current events,  topical news cartoons about politics and the economy.  On my site, you will find News Cartoons for newsletters, news cartoons for newspapers, news cartoons for blogs, news cartoons for presentations, news cartoons for Facebook and social media, news cartoons for viral marketing and much more.

For more information about my News Cartoons or a budget-friendly rate quote, please e-mail:

News Cartoons by Randy Glasbergen.


Discover Alpha Comedy!

Have you heard about Alpha Comedy?

Alpha Comedy is a brand new website where you can meet many of your favorite cartoonists from newspapers and web comics. Check out their bios and blogs, subscribe to your favorite free comics, and learn more about the lives of the men and women who create your favorite funnies every day.

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Cartoons for Trade Show and Conference Displays

Cartoons for Trade Shows and Conferences…by Randy Glasbergen

A customer recently sent me a photo of their conference display using my cartoons enlarged to poster size. I think the posters are great attention-grabber, so I thought I’d share this on my blog.

My cartoons are often published in magazines, newspapers and newsletters, but others are licensing cartoons for trade show displays, conference videos, cartoons for seminar presentations, cartoons for meeting agendas, advertising flyers, brochures, cartoons for training manuals, cartoons for office posters, client calendars, flash animation and other innovative uses.

If you have a concept that could get a boost from a colorful cartoon with a good message, please contact me to discuss your project. Glasbergen Cartoon Service offers thousands of cartoons on hundreds of topics at budget-friendly rates for any size business. Custom cartoons and comic illustrations are also available!

Glasbergen Cartoon Posters for Conference Display.

Bright colorful cartoons with a message are available for trade show displays, cartoon posters, cartoons for trade show publications, cartoons for conference handouts, cartoons for trade show agenda sheets, cartoons for conference presentations, cartoons for seminar handouts, cartoons for video screens., cartoons for  trade show posters, cartoons for trade show signs, cartoons for conference video screens, cartoons for trade show booths, cartoon posters for medical offices, cartoons for office posters,  Cartoons at your conference or trade show are a great attention grabber and a fun way to enforce your message!

Please e-mail for more information or a budget-friendly rate quote. More cartoons @ Glasbergen Cartoons.