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Management Cartoons

Management and Leadership Cartoons by Randy Glasbergen

My dad was the financial manager of a local shoe factory when I was growing up. He often taught  at the American Management Association and filled our home with books, magazines and tapes about various management topics. In some indirect way, I guess business management is in imbedded in my DNA. Maybe that’s why I always enjoy working on cartoons about management…and mismanagement topics.

On my website, you’ll find a huge selection of cartoons about management and leadership topics. Ideal for management training presentations, leadership seminars, manuals, textbooks, Powerpoint, newsletters, internal business communications and more. For permission to use a Management Cartoon from my website, please contact me for more information and a budget-friendly rate quote.

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The Management Cartoons on this website are copyrighted by Randy Glasbergen. Unauthorized usage of any kind is unlawful and prohibited.

Please visit my webpage for affordable cartoons management, cartoons about leadership, cartoons about office management, cartoons about business management training, funny quotes about management, cartoons for management education, cartoons about management challenges, cartoons about management failures…and more! For permission to use a Management Cartoon from my website, please contact me for more information and a budget-friendly rate quote.

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Let’s Laugh About Sex!

Cartoons About Sex and Sexuality by Randy Glasbergen.

A collection of cartoons about sex and intimacy in dating and marriage, suitable for sex education, marriage counseling, authors, publishers and others who are looking for a fun, non-offensive way to discuss frank topics of sex and sexuality. Cartoon topics in this group include contraception, safe sex, sexual communication, married sex, first-time sex, teen sexuality, sex and aging, infidelity, romantic sex, office relationships, dating sex, casual sex, teaching children about sex, sex in the media and other topics of a sexual or intimate nature.

For permission to use my sex cartoons in your presentation, publication, textbook, class, website or blog, please e-mail for a budget-friendly rate quote.

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Glasbergen Cartoon Service offers thousands of cartoons about sex and other topics @ budget-friendly rates for your newsletters, presentations, sex education, textbooks, magazines, advertising, greeting cards, calendars and more. Sex topics include cartoons about sex education, cartoons about married sex, cartoons about sexual intimacy, cartoons about sexual problems, cartoons about sex therapy, cartoons about couples therapy, sex cartoons about libido, sex cartoons about marriage counseling, cartoons about sexy men, cartoons about sexy women, cartoons about sexy husbands, cartoons about sexy wives, cartoons about sexy parents, cartoons about sexy grandparents, sex cartoons about older couples, sex cartoons about married couples, sex cartoons about dating, cartoons about same sex, cartoons about lack of sex, sex cartoons about love, sex cartoons about romance, cartoons about sexual frequency, sex cartoons about scoring, sex cartoons about necking, sex cartoons about courting, sex cartoons about love songs, cartoons about sexual boredom, cartoons about sexual frustration, cartoons about funny sex, cartoons about middle-aged sex, cartoons about sexual desire, cartoons about sexual attraction, cartoons about sexual chemistry, cartoons about first-time sex, cartoons about sexuality, cartoons about sexual dysfunction, sex cartoons about lust, sex cartoons about seduction, cartoons about internet sex, cartoons about computer sex, cartoons about cell phone sex, sex cartoons about social media, cartoons about sexting, sex cartoons about conception and pregnancy, sex cartoons about cheating, cartoons about extramarital sex, cartoons about premarital sex, wild sex, mild sex, cartoons about looking sexy, cartoons about feeling sexy, cartoons about divorced sex, sex cartoons about kissing, sex cartoons about hugging, bedroom sex cartoons, cartoons about active sex life, cartoons about boring sex life, cartoons about healthy sex life, sex cartoons about dating, cartoons about lovers, sex cartoons about foreplay, sex cartoons about flirting, cartoons about mating habits, sexy cartoons, naughty cartoons, sex cartoons about abstinence, cartoons about sex education, sex cartoons about social networking, sex cartoons about the Internet, and more.

Please contact me for more information about my Sex Cartoons or a budget-friendly rate quote.

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Cartoons About Workplace Safety and Injury Prevention

Cartoons About Workplace Safety and Injury Prevention by Randy Glasbergen

When you’re doing a presentation or newsletter article about workplace safety, please consider cartoons to help you sell your message with humor. On my website you’ll find affordable cartoons about job safety,  cartoons about workplace injuries, cartoons about ergonomics, cartoons about safety rules and regulations, other related topics. Please contact me for a budget-friendly rate quote or more information about my Workplace Safety Cartoons.

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The Workplace Safety Cartoons on this website are copyrighted by Randy Glasbergen. Unauthorized usage of any kind is unlawful and prohibited.

Please visit my website for affordable cartoons About Workplace Safety, Cartoons About Injury Prevention, Cartoons About Safety Rules, Cartoons About Office Ergonomics, Cartoons About Workplace Safety Regulations,, Safety Cartoons, Cartoons: Workplace Safety, Cartoons: Injury Prevention, Cartoons About Getting Hurt at Work, Cartoons About Injury Prevention, Office Safety Cartoons,  Cartoons About Workplace Injury, Industrial Safety Cartoons, Workplace Safety Clip Art Cartoons, Cartoons About Job Disability. For more information or a budget-friendly rate quote, e-mail:

Cartoons About Workplace Safety and Injury Prevention by Randy Glasbergen.


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Thanksgiving Cartoons

Thanksgiving Cartoons by Randy Glasbergen.

Thank you for stopping by to browse my Thanksgiving cartoons! Like all my cartoons, these Thanksgiving Cartoons can be purchased for use in your newsletters, calendars, greeting cards, social media and any type of print or electronic media. Please contact me for a more information or a budget-friendly rate quote. Continue reading


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